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Friday April 28 – Session 08 @ COAC

In keeping with the self-portrait that he drew for Desire Caught by the Tail (1941), I hope to draw Picasso’s portrait through his writings. Recounting his memories of childhood in Malaga, his deep roots in Spanish culture (flamenco, bullfighting and food), his lovers, his status as an “artist-painter”, and as a writer and poet too.

Besides their literary quality and their close relationship with painting, his poetic writings are, as André Breton had clearly seen, a veritable “intimate diary” in which, in the form of semi-automatic writing, Picasso bares all and reveals the profound, complex nature of his personality and his multiple identities. To show: “what only Indian ink doesn’t hide”. (18.1935)

Marie-Laure Bernadac

Curator, Paris

Honorary general curator. She has worked at the Centre Georges Pompidou (Graphic Arts Department), at the Musée Picasso-Paris (1980-1992), at the CAPC – Musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux and at the Musée du Louvre (2003-2013). She has curated numerous exhibitions on Picasso: “Picasso poète” (1989), “Picasso. Toros y toreros” (1992), “Le dernier Picasso” (1987) and “Picasso et les maîtres” (2008, alongside Anne Baldassari). She is the co-author, alongside Christine Piot, of Picasso. Écrits (RMN, 1989), and, alongside Androula Michael, of Picasso. Propos sur l’art (Gallimard, 2002). She is the author of numerous articles on Picasso, including “Picasso et Brassaï”, “Picasso à l’écran”, “Picasso et la Méditerranée”, “La peinture à l’estomac”, “Le Christ dans l’arène espagnole”, “La peinture comme modèle” and “Picasso cannibale”.

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